Everyday we wake up early in the morning to go to hustle just like my two fellows on the photo. Some jobs are very tiresome & we do them excepting that we will get paid as soon as we finish the job but some times we get disappointed by the employers.


It hurts a lot when it comes to payment because they pay poorly They give you half the money you worked for or they tell you to come the following day & sometimes you are even given just fair to take you home just like my two friends. They had been given a job to paint & watering the flowers, they were happy to get the job,after two days the job was done. Payment time was worse as the employer told them to come after two days to check for their payment ,& gave them 100 Bob each for fare.



They had to react



They returned the Money back to the employer & they were very angry with the employer.



The employer reacted too, He left the employees with nothing.
The employee started discuss and making some calls….
The Question is who were they calling……..
After all the argument everything went back to normal the employees started looking for another job.  They managed to get some daily jobs where they were paid very well.
But one of the employees was not stratified by how they let it go with the employer who never paid them their money and he thought they can deal with him, The other employee disagreed about that idea, He said “we should move on and forget about how he did to us”, shouting “I will not be part of that”

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Peace is the best thing to have in life & doing good things to others as you would like to be done to you, but this employee wants to pay bad with bad.
After they disagreed he decided to move on with the plan alone.
He was full of anger and left to look for hit men who can help him to deal with the employer,
He managed to meet with two hit men then talked about the payment they will get after finishing the job,
He is now an employer since he has hired this two hit men. Now he gets a chance to taste the position of employers and feel how it means to be one.
They organized everything and now he waited the job to be done
The hit men had to make sure the job was done without mistakes, so they started check where he works, the route that he use and time. They were able to come up with all this ideas
And the day to do the job they waited at the location where he always pass by and it was the right location, as the employer was passing as usual they attacked him  without  mercy, as they were attacking him there was this lady passing through that route and she show them attacking him, one of the hit men  show the lady and violently went after her, since the lady show them they now have to deal with her to as to make sure the job is clean because the moment she show them she was a threat to them.

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They then thrown them in a car bout and left to another location where they killed them

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After the job they went to correct their money to their employer, they got paid and left

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They is an Embian saying that says “weka wega niwe weika na weka huru niwe weika” (if you do good you have done it for yourself and if you do bad you have done it for yourself) the man who hired the hit men decided to do bad things to his employer.
One hour after he paid the hit men he received a call from one of his friend and informed him   that his former employer has been found dead together with his wife.


He was shocked to hear that his wife is no more, he regretted for planning for the death of the employer because it has coasted his wife’s death.
Whatever you do to others think twice. Anger leads to bad things learn how to control it………